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Vélo électriques 2022

Mammoth X 500 SO - Vamoose Cycle

MAMMOTH X 500 AWD STEP OVER!This Vamoose Mammoth X 500 AWD electric bicycle comes with dual 52V 500W motors (front and rear), torque sensor, and optional dual battery capability, providing exceptional power and torqu ...
3 999 + PDI
Vélo électriques 2022

Super Mammoth X 750 - Vamoose Cycle

SUPER MAMMOTH X 750 AWD SO - DUAL MOTOR MONSTER!This Vamoose Super Mammoth AWD e-bike comes with two 52V 750W motors (front and rear) providing exceptional power and torque for climbing hills or crushing fresh powder! By adding a torque s ...
4 399 $ + PDI
Vélo électriques 2022

Super ODIN X - Vamoose Cycle

SUPER TORQUE-SENSING MTB!The Super ODIN X is a full suspension, 52V 500W mountain crusher, with a torque sensor, 4.8" MAXXIS tires, and a monster 52V 20Ah battery. The Super ODIN X mountain bike brings enjoyment to trails full of b ...
3 599$ + PDI
Vélo électriques 2022

Ranger ST - Pliable - Vamoose Cycle

RANGER ST - FRONT SUSPENSION FOLDERThe Vamoose Ranger is a 500W rear hub driven, front suspension, folding cycle that will take you where you want to go and won't be troublesome when you need to take it somewhere. With small foldin ...
2 099 $ + PDI
Vélo électriques 2022

Trophy - Vamoose Cycle

NEW - TROPHY - DUAL MOTOR MONSTER!The high-performance Vamoose Trophy is made for long commutes or trips in the great outdoors. With a design that recalls the styling of '70s era motorcycles, the cycle is worthy of a ...
3 999 $ + PDI
Vélo électriques 2022

ODIN 4.0 Full Suspension MTB - Vamoose Cycle

FULL SUSPENSION MTB!A full suspension, 48V 500W mountain crusher, the Vamoose ODIN mountain bike brings enjoyment to trails full of bumps and chatter. With its impact-reducing front and rear shocks that bear the brunt of trail impa ...
2 999 $ + PDI